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John is endorsed by:

Dan Devine, City of West Allis Mayor

John Stalewski, West Milwaukee Village President

Michael J. Murphy, City Milwaukee Alderman

Mark Borkowski, City of Milwaukee Alderman

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998

Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 215

International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, & Transportation Workers Local 18

I am running for re-election to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, because I am committed to sound public policy, helping people get the services they need, and building the community we want to live in.


I have represented residents of our area as County Supervisor since April 2000. Our newly formed district now includes the west and southside of Milwaukee, the Village of West Milwaukee, and the east side of West Allis. I am proud of the services I have provided over the years to constituents and living up to my commitment of “putting people first.” I believe in independent thinking and making decisions based on input from the community and the people I represent.


I am a life-long resident of West Allis and graduate of West Milwaukee High School.

Before being elected to the County Board, I served in the United States Marine Corps,1991 - 1995. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration from UW–Milwaukee.

Currently, I serve on the Economic and Community Development Committee, and Personnel Committee. I also serve as a trustee of the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center.

My wife Karen, a teacher, and I reside in West Allis with our two children, Maddalyn and John Noah who attend a Milwaukee public high school.

Please read about my positions on issues related to Milwaukee County and how they impact you and our community. 

I would greatly appreciate your vote on April 5 and would be honored to continue to serve the District. 

- John

Read John's Positions


We’ve all rediscovered a new appreciation for our parks during the pandemic and the need for quality outdoor public space. Parks bring families and communities together while also preserving our natural green space and urban wildlife.

  • I support a strong public park system that is open and accessible to all, regardless of income. 

  • I support new funding sources, such as, dedicated sales tax, special license plate program, or other local fundraising efforts.

  • I support rebuilding our park facilities in our district.


About 17% of your property tax bill is dedicated to Milwaukee County services which add value to your overall home worth and quality of life.

  • I support working with the Wisconsin state legislature to ensure taxes are affordable for families and that everyone pays their fair share.

  • I will continue to advocate for county departmental leadership that is competent and qualified to get the job done.


We must plan for the future and recognize new technologies available to us. We must consider how people working from home will affect our road and public transportation needs.

  • I oppose the widening and expansion of I-94 East/West.

  • I support the use of clean diesel and electric buses.

  • I support addressing the environmental impact of noise, light, and air pollution.

  • I support creating a new W175 corridor. This provides a new opportunity to reconnect the neighborhood and create local economic growth.

Public Safety

Milwaukee County plays a role in public safety through the patrolling of our freeways and parks, providing bailiffs for the courts, and supporting crime investigation.

  • I support diversion programs that address root causes of the offense.

  • I support additional funding for our overburdened  court system and the House of Correction.

  • I support maintaining funding for our Sheriff’s department and local law enforcement.

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